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Avis Services
Avis MovieAnywhere
Avis MovieAnywhere DVD Entertainment System

The videos you enjoy, right wherever you go.

Avis MovieAnywhere makes a long trip go faster when you bring along your favorite movies. Let your backseat passengers enjoy movies while traveling in our cars. Keep children and kids entertained with their favourite cartoons in the back seat. Or take it outdoors or into your hotel room and relax with your favorite show!

Features of the Avis MovieAnywhere DVD Entertainment System
Operation and use Easy operation and quick set up
Mounting options Fully adjustable multiple mounting options
Screen size Large Hi-res 8.5 inch 16:9 TFT Screen
Disc & Media Formats DVDs (Region free), SVCDs, VCDs, CDs
Sound Built-in stereo speakers & Audio in/out
Audio linkup to Car Stereo via FM Transmitter
Other features Built-in TV Tuner, earphone jack & supports memory cards
Power AC-DC adapter: 100~240V 50/60 Hz, DC 12V
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Availability and Rates
Availability & rates - Available at all Avis Locations in Thailand from 01 Sept 2008
- Rental rates @ S$ 12.00/day (max S$ 120/mth) plus GST
- Terms & Conditions apply
Book Avis MovieAnywhere - For reservations please call Avis @ +65 6737 1668
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